About us

LimoRetro is the Limousine service part of Prestige Company, we are a family business, established by Miroslaw Richard Kruzycki in 2008 in Edinburgh.

We are pride in offering a prestigious classic / vintage Lincoln Excalibur Limousine with an acute attention to detail and a personal service tailored to your needs.

LimoRetro offer you two services, LimoRetro Wedding Car Service and LimoReto Executive Car Service, which allows us to provide "The Magical Experience". We care about your special day providing you a personal and high-quality service.

Why Choose Us
  • Excellent Service

  • Professional Chauffeur in white uniform

  • Always on-time

  • Beautiful car decoration

  • We offer you a Magical Experience

Prestige Company

We firmly believe that the quality of the service make the difference.